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we are ROOT is a digital marketing and public relations (PR) agency based in Southern California. We believe in curating conscious, community-generating content.


we are ROOT is a digital marketing and public relations (PR) agency based in Southern California. Founded by Amber Materna, we believe in curating conscious, community-generating content.


We're blogging everywhere but here.

Amber Materna

Can you believe it's already September? We can't. We've been blogging for all of our favorite new clients, and even revamped AmberMaterna.com to share some of our favorite design and wellness content in Southern California. Go check it out now, but don't forgot to come back soon for some exciting updates on Workshops for a Reason. 

Thanks for making our first workshop a success.

Amber Materna

We did it!

We made it through our first Workshops for a Reason session Working with Florals at saltfineart. I told my partners in this workshop that after the event it felt like the end of Christmas; that mostly I just wanted to start the planning all over again. Translation: thank you to everyone who contributed for making it such a blast.

A sold-out event, we raised over $1,500 in donations for UP, a local non-profit that will be bringing mindfulness and yoga into the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach starting this spring. We hope to help teens cultivate better coping skills through this practice.


Our Yogini Sponsor Box, with art curator Jared Linge.

Our Gypset Sponsor Box, courtesy of many of our amazing sponsors.

Sponsor Box Winners

The universe must have been in alignment that day, because our second youngest attendee, San Juan Capistrano local Robin Lasher, age 13, won our Yogini Sponsor Box.  We can't wait to hear updates about her growing yoga and mindfulness practice.

The lovely Megan Ferrier was the recipient of our Gypset Sponsor Box, and with the upcoming addition to her family we're sure she'll get use out of all the luxe goodies in that set. 

We'll be posting more images up as they come trickling in, but here are just a few we snapped.

If you're interested in attending our next event, be sure to join our interest list below so we can let you know when tickets become available. Also, we appreciate your feedback, and welcome additional sponsors.



Serendipity isn’t lost on us; come celebrate SolFire Yoga.

Amber Materna

We like coincidences.

Co-founders of SolFire Yoga, Tricia Ashley (left) and Michelly Casavechia Young.

Co-founders of SolFire Yoga, Tricia Ashley (left) and Michelly Casavechia Young.

Sometimes, the universe aligns in a funny way: some call it coincidence, others a shout-out from the universe (we like the latter). After practicing too many inversions home, alone with only my dog for guidance, I figured I had better move my yoga practice to a studio. Having previously reviewed yoga spaces in college ad nauseam, I was over it: burnt out, sick of cramped spaces with stinky people. I’m happy to report that my first encounter post-studio burnout landed me at SolFire Yoga, in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., a serious departure from the spaces I visited in West Los Angeles.

Co-founded by Tricia Ashley and Michelly Casavechia Young, the studio is in the back of an unassuming shopping center (i.e. wide-open parking spots), and is new, clean, and the people are genuine. Falling out of poses isn’t a big deal. Wearing a Lululemon tank more than a season old won’t get you fined (we hope, because ours today was definitely from 2012). Basically just caring, capable people, that happen to be female business owners (which we love), and that also happen to be celebrating their one-year anniversary on the same day we’ll be launching our inaugural Workshops for a Reason session at saltfineart. They have been so kind as to donate a free number of classes to one of our lucky raffle participants (perfect way to use the Manduka mat they’ll also be winning, no?).

A Few Ways to Celebrate


The April 12th event at their space (32261 Camino Capistrano, #D103, San Juan Capistrano) is free to the public, and consists of their standard Saturday morning schedule. It starts at 8:15 a.m. with a free SolFire Fusion course (combination of Ashtanga and hot yoga poses), a second free 9:30 a.m. Vinyasa Flow class, and ends at 11 a.m. with a free Zumba session.

In between each of these classes Ashley and Casavechia Young will be raffling off goodies from friends (think spa sessions and massages); the trick to collecting raffle tickets is coming to the classes the week before the event (if you’re not a member, you can purchase two weeks for $20.00 the first time you come in).

We will definitely be attending the morning portion before setting up our event, and can't wait. Also, be sure to check back, as we'll also be outlining some of the perks (and pitfalls) Ashley has encountered in setting up this small business, as well as the benefits she's reaped from yoga. 

Bonus: this Sunday, March 30th, guest instructor Zeek Vincent will be teaching a 90-minute vinyasa flow class at 9:30 a.m.; we’ll be there, too.

Find SolFire Yoga online: Facebook // Site